About this site

This website has been an ongoing project for quite some time. I started it as an experiment when I was in high school. To this day, it's still running on the same old Pentium 4 machine with a measely 768MB of RAM. Designing and programming this site has helped me learn quite a bit about web design. As of now, I mostly plan on using it to show off the projects I've been working on. Also, creating a blog has always been something I've wanted to do... maybe one day I'll find time to do that? Also, I post some of my hobbies and stuff on here just for fun, like R/C airplanes, car stuff, and gaming stuff.

About Ethan

I'm a Computer Science student at Eastern Washington University. I like programming and web development. One day I would like to make it a career. I like playing video games, hiking and exploring the outdoors, cars, and all kinds of electronic gadgets. Music is awesome, and I like just about everything out there. I primarily listen to electronic and pop. Subwoofers make everything better lol

Contact Info

If you wish to contact me, email is the best way. Here are a list of the links/addresses:
E-mail: ethanholman@eagles.ewu.edu
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/96ethanh
My YouTube Channel: 96ethanh

I'm 96ethanh in minecraft. We should totally play sometime.