About Me

I'm an easy going guy who enjoys the great outdoors (skiing, running, rock climbing, backpacking), and loves meeting new people. Work hard, play hard is my core motto -- I like to keep busy while having fun and enjoying what life has to offer. I'm a graudate of Eastern Washington University, with a Computer Science major and a Geology minor.

Technical Experience Summary

I'm a full stack Software Engineer with a lifelong, deep passion for all technology. While a good deal of my time has been developing front end UIs, I am quite comfortable with backend development, and working with various databases. My background also includes experience with numerous other facets of technology, and I enjoy picking up new skills. While development is my primary focus, I also take an interest in UX design. I love collaborating with others to think through user flows and refine designs.

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Technical Skillset

  • Angular 2+
  • ReactJS (with hooks)
  • Working with UI kits like Material-UI and Bootstrap, and custom css styling
  • Javascript & TypeScript
  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Less
  • Scrum / Agile Methodologies
  • AWS (Including Lambda, Step Functions, DBs, and AWS CLI)
  • Azure DevOps, GitHub, Jira, Trello
  • C# .NET Core
  • Various ORMs (EF Core, Dapper)
  • NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • PHP 5
  • Java SE
  • Linux/Mac/Windows Systems

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About This Site

This has been an ongoing project of mine since 2011. Originally it was an HTML experiment, but now it serves as my portfolio and a place to share cool stuff with the world. Oh, and it's been running on an old Pentium 4 server this whole time -- I'm curious to see how long it will continue to operate!