TypingSpeed Webapp

The plan for this project is to create a web-based typing speed tester and practice application.

Here is an outline of some planned features:

  • Speed test against word banks, with live WPM and accuracy readouts.
  • Ability to paste or upload text, and then test your WPM and accuracy against it
  • Tools to track your speed and accuracy improvements over time
  • Tools to identify characters or words you are weak at, and practice them specifically
  • Goals and achievements (for example, maybe you will get an achievement once you hit 80 WPM)

The front end was originally being developed using Angular, and backend in NodeJS. However, I plan to re-do the UI with VueJS soon, as I'd like to learn the last of the major 3 JS SPA libraries!

Check out the code on GitHub

Check out the development preview of TypingSpeed