Old VBScripts

I programmed these VBScripts years ago (2010-2011) on windows XP, so they are really old!
This was some of the first code I ever wrote. To be honest, don't really know why I even have it on my site still?

VBScript Chatbots:

A chatbot is a computer program designed with artificial intelligence to make conversation with the user. The following are some very basic VBScript chatbots. I've posted all the different versions I've created to show the progress I've made in their programming. For the best experience, choose the latest version.

Chatbot 1.0 - [Download] is the very first vbscript Chatbot I created. Very basic and pointless, more of a "Hello World"!

Chatbot 1.1 - [Download] is much like the original 1.0 chatbot in being simple, however it does a little more. A few more questions and better programming. You'll always get the same questions and responses and there isn't much interactivity.

Chatbot 2.0 - [Download] With the improvement of incorporating the current time into the messages and more questions, this version is much more interactive. This version is full of programming glitches, so be prepared for unrelated/random responses.

Chatbot 3.0 - [Download] This version fixes some of the 2.0 glitches, and introduces new questions and responses. However, with the new questions come more programming glitches, so please don't expect perfection!

Useful VBScripts

MessageSender - [Download] This script gives the windows command "net send" a GUI, making it quicker to send messages over a network (Unless you're a command line veteren). This will only work on windows nt machines up to Windows XP.

NoteSaver Express (WinXP+2000 Version) - [Download] is a VBScript that will open a text box when opened and save any text entered as a .txt file on your desktop.

Prank VBScripts:

IMPORTANT: To close these prank scripts, open Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), go to the "Processes" tab, right click "wscript.exe" and choose End Process

Ding - [Download] is an abnoxious script that opens up the windows default noise in Windows Media Player every 2 minutes.

Beep Tourture - [Download] This is one of the most abnoxious and annoying prank scripts I've got. It triggers the system speaker to beep every 15 seconds. Since it's the system speaker, turning off your speakers or muting sound won't do any good! If you want to change how often the beep occurs, just open the script up in Notepad (Right click -> Edit) and change the line of code wscript.sleep(15000). The number, 15000, is the number of milliseconds to between each beep. So, just change the first 2 digits to the number of seconds you want between beeps. Have fun!

CPU @ 100% - [Download] When opened, this script performs millions of basic, random math problems over and over again. This will slow your victim's computer down to a crawl, and there isn't any way to see it's open and running! It uses all your computer's cpu power, hence the name. Since many computers have multiple processors/threads, open this script at least 4 times for a good effect. Basically, every time you open it, you're maxxing out one core/thread.