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Ethan's thoughts...

My interest in RC hobbies started in 2011 with a cheap $20 helicopter. As far as I know, there was no brand name; it was some sort of Chinese generic thing. Rather frusterated with it, I purchased a Double Horse 9053 helicopter off amazon.com and had much better luck. But after flying it around the yard a bit, I realized how boring helicopters can get because of their extreme sensitivity to wind and limited range. That's when I decided to give planes a shot. And I'm glad I did! I started with the Hobbyzone Champ and was quite impressed with the ease of flight, range, and power. From there, I purchased a Parkzone P51 and a Hobbyzone Super Cub (with some other planes inbetween).

Originally, I thought RC helis would be great for attaching things such as cameras. Unfortunately the cheapers helis aren't stable enough to do this and the battery life isn't all that great. NO RC helicopter that I have ever seen has done well in ANY wind, even the big ones. Most small helis should be considered "indoors-only". In fact, lots of them are infrared (IR) controlled meaning that sunlight will interfere and cause you to loose control.

In my opinion, RC planes are actually easier to fly than helicopters, at least outdoors. Helis crash when batteries die or there is a power failure and planes glide to the ground. Heli parts are harder to fix when they break, and replacement parts are more expensive and harder to find than ones for planes. Planes do require more space especially for beginners but are a lot more fun. You can obviously tell by now that I favor airplanes rather than helicopters.