RC Stuff

Hobbyzone Champ
Parkzone P-51 Mustang
Hobbyzone Super Cub
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Ethan's Thoughts

My interest in RC hobbies started in 2011 with a cheap $20 helicopter. This was during a time when drones still weren't really a mainstream thing one could get their hands on for a low price. I was particularly interested in camera setups for aerial photography and videography. I quickly realized heli's aren't great for filming and are very succeptible to wind. After going through a few other cheap heli's, I decided to give RC planes a shot. And I'm glad I did! I started with the Hobbyzone Champ and was quite impressed with the ease of flight, range, and power. From there, I purchased a Parkzone P51 and a Hobbyzone Super Cub (with some other planes inbetween).

Originally, I thought RC helis would be great for attaching things such as cameras. Unfortunately the cheapers helis aren't stable enough to do this and the battery life isn't all that great. No RC helicopter that I have ever seen has done well in ANY wind, even the big ones. Most small helis should be considered "indoors-only". In fact, sunlight will interfere with the commonly used infrared remotes used. Drones (Quads) have really made heli's obsolete in my mind, as they are roughly the same price, do everything heli's can do and outperform in nearly every way.

Notes on Li-PO batteries

  • Find great deals for cheaper batteries at HobbyKing or even eBay. The official Hobbyzone/Parkzone LiPO's are kind of pricy. I've had great luck with the Turnigy branded 1S 160ma cells.
  • Don't keep flying if batteries are running low. Li-PO batteries can become damaged if drained too much. Most all hobbyzone and parkzone planes will cut power to the throttle when a low battery is detected, so this is your indicator to stop!
  • Get a low-battery alarm! It's nice to know in advance when you're about to lose throttle power! They are cheap at hobbyking